About our Meditation and Yoga Website

Meditation and yoga have completely changed my life.

Nothing in this world has impressed me more than following the breath and listening to the silence.

As simple as it sounds, there are many meditation techniques.

With this website I would like to help you to  discover the path of meditation and yoga.

It is an exciting path with many ups and downs.

This is part of life itself. I can only recommend it to you, the path inside is the most exciting thing there is to discover in this world.

It will amaze you. Impressed. And sometimes also be very sad.

But I can promise one thing, it will also change your life.

So you can’t imagine today either.

It is a way. And if you go the way together, it is helpful to support each other.

These meditation techniques are there to help you.

But you have to go the way alone. It needs perseverance.

I am happy to support you. If you have questions, I am at your side.

This website is a personal blog. Free of any institutions, etc.

Even if many meditation techniques are presented by Buddha, this means that everyone can use the techniques, no matter with which religious background.

Buddha means the Enlightened One.

There have been many Enlightened Beings in this world. Jesus, Buddha Sakyamuni, etc.

And the methods that have been taught can undoubtedly help you.

Because they are based on your inner being.

Anyone can use them and integrate them into his own life.

No matter what religious affiliation or not.

You don’t have to be religious to apply them.

Buddha Sakyamuni himself never wanted to found a religion or philosophy.

Meditation is the exploration of one’s mind.

We get so many things learned in school, but how to really deal with one’s mind is usually left out.

Dalai Lama himself once said that if you taught meditation to every 8-year-old child, the suffering in this world would dissolve within a generation.

Meditation is a way to work with compassion and wisdom in this world. We develop compassion and love for all beings, visible and invisible.

This also includes leading a responsible life and showing consideration for other people and beings.

We live in harmony with our environment and are not against it.

Many spiritual masters have already worked in our world and taught the way.

We follow the path with compassion and wisdom and open our hearts.

So it means this website is for you.

To inspire you.

To support you. And in times of commerce, of ever increasing distractions, to help you find your way back to yourself.

You can take the first step yourself.

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